Laser Acupuncture

                  “All the Wisdom of Traditional Acupuncture … without the Needles”

Laser Acupuncture utilises exactly the same principles and laws as Traditional Acupuncture,
but has some positive advantages over the use of conventional needles

being …


Laser Acupuncture


· Aseptic


· Non-invasive


· Painless


· No side-effects 





Being non-invasive, it is safe, effective and can be used in combination with Laser Therapy to enhance the treatment of wounds and other injuries  –  especially when used over
or hazardous areas


Equine Laser Acupuncture Course



Laser Acupuncture, like Traditional Acupuncture, can be used to treat a broad range of constitutional or symptomatic problems.

Laser Acupuncture is easy to administer

Laser Acupuncture is gentle and effective

and is particularly well suited for use on

the Young, Old or Nervous

…  in fact, whether human or animal !!








Veterinary approval is sought prior to any
animal treatment