Laser Therapy



Low Level Laser Therapy works on the principle that every cell in the body responds to light, different cells being activated by different frequencies or different wave-lengths


Laser Therapy is used to stimulate cells that are working sub-optimally, as in an injured state, by the promotion of the body’s own analgesic, vasodilatory and anti-inflammatory responses.

Mudfever and Sunburn

 The above series of photos illustrate the effect of LLLT
After 5 non-responsive years to treatment by conventional methods,
a total of only four Laser treatments produced a sustained resolution.
Note the quality of both hoof and hair growth, together with
an improvement in the hoof wall conformation

When stimulated by Laser in this way wound healing is accelerated, thereby greatly enhancing recovery from

accidental or post-surgical tissue trauma

soft tissue injuries

torn tendons



as well as being extremely effective in neutralising infection

or where wounds are ‘non-healing’ by conventional veterinary practice.


The advantage of Laser Treatment is that there is no drug involvement, making LLLT the ideal choice is cases where an animal is either drug-sensitive or where their use is




Veterinary approval is sought prior to any
animal treatment