Equine Laser therapy is an area of
veterinary medicine that is expanding with each new piece of
Clinical Research published


As an adjunct to conventional veterinary practice, Equine Laser Therapy offers a non-invasive, painless, yet Horse's muzzle being treated with Laserextremely effective means of treating fractures, wounds and infections, together with many other tissue related injuries and problems.



In an age where ‘seasons’ blur and down-time merely indicates ‘a change’ rather than ‘a rest’, we humans place an extraordinary burden of stress on our ever willing equine athletes.



Shorter recovery times, better quality healing and ease of application, however, all recommend Laser Therapy and Laser Acupuncture as excellent treatment modalities for the modern horse, based on sound research and proven treatment protocols.



Case Study : Horner's Syndrome



Veterinary approval is sought prior to any
animal treatment